Joe Pavelka is the author of two books: It’s Not About Time: Rediscovering leisure in a changing world Ned: The Story of Bear Six Nine Three

Ned: The Story of Bear Six Nine Three (Rocky Mountain Books/Heritage House 2007); Illustrated by Lynne Huras

Ned is a funny and provocative children’s illustrated book about a young bear cub in the Rocky Mountains by the name of Ned. Ned grows with the guidance of his mother but the two still have great difficulty in avoiding the trappings of us humans as we encroach more and more into the wilderness. Despite his best efforts at being a wild bear Ned suffers an unfortunate fate.

This is wonderful story with stunning images first, and then there is a message in there about our (humans) ability to share the planet with animals. The target age is 3 to 5 but most parents will enjoy it as much as any child out there. The story of Ned will be as relevant to those living in a large urban centre as those living near the land. The story of Ned is a fictional story yet it could also be the story for many bears and other animals. You and your child will laugh, and learn and you will be very engaged with Ned: The Story of Bear Six Nine Three.

“Discover a bear’s world through the rhyming explorations of Ned and his mother Betty Lou. There are lots of smiles in this short book. In the end you have to swallow them as Ned meets humans and our trappings.”

Stephen Herraro Professor of Environmental Science (Emeritus) University of Calgary and Author of Bear Attacks: There Causes and Avoidances

You can purchase your copy of Ned: The Story of Bear Six Nine Three from Rocky Mountain Books through books stores in Western Canada or directly from Rocky Mountain Books at

It’s Not About Time: Rediscovering leisure in a changing world (Creative Bound Press, 2000)

It’s Not About Time: Rediscovering leisure in a changing world addresses leisure, freedom and choice in everyday life. The struggle for leisure in light of rapid changes in our fast and harried world has been relevant for the last half century. The message in It’s Not About Time begins with the idea of leisure being much broader than simple free time it is about freedom and creativity. It is moves towards ways of understanding the factors that influence leisure in everyday life and closes with some ideas on how to find leisure is this very calm and centered way. It also introduces and explains the idea of ‘seamless’ living later in the book. This idea has since become quite popular as others try to better understand how we are adapting to the pressures of everyday life.

It’s Not About Time is currently in its second printing. Joe Pavelka’s book has been said to be a Buddhist or Zen approach to everyday life. Many of the ideas of Its Not About Time remain central to discussions today such as the origins of the nature deficit disorder, the influence of safety and security and on decision making, the need to be able to present in life and in everyday life. You can order your copy of Its Not About Time: Rediscovering leisure in a changing world by Joe Pavelka directly through Creative Bound at Creative Bound Inc. (1-800-287-8610)