Joe Pavelka is President of Planvision Consulting Ltd. which has provided consulting services to the tourism and recreation sectors since 1989. There were few consultants working in recreation and tourism at that time and Joe Pavelka of Planvision Consulting Ltd. (it was initially called Campmate Consulting Ltd.) witnessed and worked through countless trends and sweep across the sectors. A few lessons were learned in that time.

Joe has worked with more than 150 private, not-for-profit and public agency clients. Joe has a strong track record in carrying out market research, business planning, service quality, public consultation and training. Joe Pavelka possesses a unique background that encompasses work in the areas of tourism, ecotourism, community development and recreation. Some of Joe Pavelka’s past clients include:

Planvision Consulting Ltd. Is active in the following areas:

Destination Planning and Management for Tourism and Resort Communities

Tourism and amenity migration requires a fine balance to ensure the right benefits are realized to everyone involved. Joe Pavelka of Planvision Consulting Ltd. understands that market development and planning must be balanced with sustainability but both must be present. While consulting firms from far and wide espouse such truisms few have the understanding of Planvision.

Planvision Consulting Ltd. employs a consultative approach that understands traditional questions within a contemporary context. Our collaborative approaches ensure rigour, and value with a bit of an edge. Planvision Consulting Ltd. offers confidence-inspiring solutions for a rapidly changing world. Specific areas of:

Sustainable Tourism Ecotourism Feasibility for Operators

Planvision offers a range of business development services targeted to organizations involved in tourism and recreation. These services include:

Through, Planvision Consulting Ltd. has a strong reputation in working with individual organizations.

Recreation Planning and Development

Joe began working in recreation and park development in 1989 and in that time he has managed numerous large and small development projects all over Alberta. In recent years Planvision has carried numerous facility feasibility projects, recreation market research, and business planning. Specific services in this area includes:

Joe Pavelka and Planvision Consulting Ltd. often partners with other consulting firms and especially for international projects Joe works with Tourism Elements. Tourism Elements is an Canadian founded international sustainable tourism consulting firm which can be reached at