In The Shadow of Machu Picchu: (2012)

Joe Pavelka and student Mike Overend produced a film based on the stories of families living along the Salcantay Trail in Peruvian Andes and how tourism is affecting their lives.

Manu Park and Bonanza Tours of Peru : (2012)

Joe Pavelka and student, Mike Overend produced a film profiling the family business of the Huamani family and how it saved 12,500 hectares of rainforest in the Manu Park region of the Amazon jungle.

Our Athabasca: A River Story (2010)

Joe Pavelka and two ETOL students put together a 15 minute film on the Athabasca River and the Oil Sands development of northern Alberta. The film weaves themes of the 9-day canoe trip on the river with daily life in Calgary with the industry of the oil sands to present a compelling message of contemporary society. The film won the Environment Award at the WaterWalker Film Festival and toured Canada in 2011.

Canmore Amenity Migration - Joe Pavelka (2011)

The short film profiles the work of Joe Pavelka in the area of amenity migration and profiles the changes undergone by the resort community of Canmore Alberta. The film is based on Joe Pavelka’s doctoral work and provides unique insights into the way its new lifestyle seeking residents alter the community and surrounding area. The film was produced by Mount Royal University.

Community Development along the Salcantay Trail - Joe Pavelka (2012)

This film profiles recent development work carried out by three adventurous Bachelor of Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership students under the guidance of Joe Pavelka. They spent three months along the Salkantay Trail in Peru working with many families living along the trail. The film was produced by Mount Royal University.

What’s Wrong with Machu Picchu? (2009)

Produced and filmed by Jordan Odney (student) and Joe Pavelka. The 28-minute film takes a look at some of the recent controversies surrounding the world famous historic site. It is currently being submitted to various film festivals.

Nahanni: A Northern Education (2005)

Joe Pavelka as producer and cinematographer along with Jenn Givens and Aaron Felthom. This 22-minute film was based on an ETOL Expedition to the Nahanni River in the NWT, Canada. The film won the Amateur Category in the Water Walker Film Festival and subsequently toured Canada